Sensory Tables for Playrooms

A Sensory Table is a Must for any Playroom Multisensory teaching can be understood to be a method of teaching in which strengths that dyslexic children appear to have over non-dyslexic children,such as extra creativity and stronger sensory receptors (tactile/touch).

Multisensory teaching consists of a string of Multisensory strategies that include techniques for linking eyes, ears, voice, and hand movements to symbolic learning. The approach taken is to try and engage as many sensory receptors in the learning process as possible, since it is argued that on many occasions, children with learning difficulties appear to have extra receptive sensors that can be used to bookmark learning events within their the memory.

An example of a Multisensory teaching approach is to use graphics and strong colors to make associations between shape, letters, words and numbers that relate to the same topic.

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