Yoga Protocols

Yoga Protocols

Common Yoga Protocols Common Yoga Protocol English Full Version Common Yoga Protocol Hindi Full Version Asana of the Day – Vakrasana Asana of the Day – Trikonasana Asana of the Day – Kapalbhati Common Yoga Protocol Common Yoga Protocol Common Yoga...

Are You Active Enough?

One of the greatest rewards for an active lifestyle is seeing improvement. How can you monitor and evaluate your progress? Measure Your Physical Activity The first goal for your physical activity is to accumulate at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical...


What can I do to get more fit? Any type of regular, physical activity can improve your fitness and your health. The most important thing is that you keep moving! Exercise should be a regular part of your day, like brushing your teeth, eating, and sleeping. It can be...

Parents: Role Models for kids

Many parents and kids think of organized sports when they think of fitness. Though there are many advantages to signing a child up for the softball team, practice and games once or twice a week will not be enough to reach activity goals. Also, parents can no longer...

Energy Out: Daily Physical Activity Recommendations

​Physical activity in children and adolescents improves strength and endurance, builds healthy bones and lean muscles, develops ​motor skills and coordination, reduces fat, and promotes emotional well-being (reduces feelings of depression and anxiety). Activities...
"March For Women" - Let's all come together and embark on the journey of fitness Fit India Mission doesn't charge any money in issuing the Fit India certificate, please be aware of the fraudulent scams

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