Child Brain Development
There is a lot of confusion and myth regarding child brain development. Until now, it was considered that children are born with a fully developed brain. However, this myth was busted when a hypothesis showed that infants are born with an unfinished brain. During the birth, the brain of the child is only developed to an extent permitted by her genetic predisposition. The network or the ‘wiring’ inside the brain is incomplete without connections of neurons. However, as and when the child begins to explore her surroundings with her senses, a network is formed inside the brain. Read more on child development.

Child Brain Development Stages

Visual and Auditory Senses
This stage of brain development deals with the visual and auditory senses of the child. After birth, child is exposed to a variety of sounds, colors and shapes. The brain of the child takes notice of the sounds and words around her. She also explores the myriad colors and shapes around her through her eyes. The ability to see and hear forms a crucial part of brain development in children. At this stage, parents must introduce the child to various colors, shapes and sounds to stimulate this area of brain.

Language Development
Initially, the child responds to every word in every language uttered in front of her. However, the brain then begins to look for repetitions or pattern in the words spoken to her. The child remembers the words in the language that are uttered more frequently than others. Eventually, the child stops responding to strange languages and only remembers the language she is spoken to. The child also tries to speak monosyllable words that she grasps while listening to elders. Parents should talk with their child so as to improve her language development. More on baby brain development.

Physical and Motor Development
This stage of brain development is concerned with the physical activity of the children. It takes place at two levels, large motor skills development and fine motor skills development. Large motor skills are concerned with movement and co ordination of limbs while fine motor skills emphasize on the use of fingers for performing finer tasks. More on baby brain development activities.

Emotional Development
While growing up, the child also becomes aware of the feelings that come with a certain experience. At early age, child is able to identify feelings of love, trust and care. While in later childhood, she comes to terms with complex feelings like guilt, greed, etc. Parents should provide a very nurturing environment so as to ensure healthy emotional development in children. More on brain development in early childhood.

Steps of Child Brain Development

Four Months: At 4 months of age, a child responds to every sound around her.

Eight Months: Babies can revive past experiences and use them to complete certain task. For instance, pushing a ball to make it roll.

Ten Months: Babies attempt to utter words in a language familiar to them.

Twelve Months: Babies respond differently to the variations in the tone. Sweet, baby talk is likely to get their attention than flat, monotonous voice.

Eighteen Months: Babies develop and store sequences of past events. They can revive memories of past even though it has been covered from them.

Twenty Four Months: Preschool children can remember the faces of people close to them. They exhibit feelings of displeasure when separated from these people.

Thirty Months: A child develops spatial maps in her mind and knows where exactly things are located in her environment.

Thirty Six Months: Child is able to distinguish between a variety of emotions. She also begins to experience simultaneous and complicated feelings.

Child brain development continues at a faster pace during the first decade of their life. After which, the brain begins to eliminate the connections that have not been used for long. During the adult life, only repeatedly used connections are retained in the brain.

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