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Yoga piramids with chakrasana and vrukshasana

Yoga piramids with chakrasana and vrukshasana


The yoga pyramid that is used today is used by chakrasanam and vrukshasana this testicle improves memory and body position and keeps the blood circulating and heathy.
Benfits if vrukshasana
Improves balance and stability in the legs
Assists the body in establishing pelivic stability
Strengthens the ligaments and tendon of the feet
Benfits of chakrasanam
Good for infertility,asthma and osteoporosis
Beneficial the arms and wrists,legs,buttocks, abdomen and spine

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19 February, 2020
Hyderabad, Telangana


Kgbv rebbena

Organiser Name:
P.Swapna PET

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