Active Vacations

If fitness is important to your family, an active vacation might sound appealing. It’s a chance to do things your family already enjoys and maybe try something new. But before you pack the hiking boots, bike helmets, and swim goggles, here’s how to plan a trip that will be fun without being exhausting, especially for young travelers.

What’s an Active Vacation?

Lots of vacations are active, but specifically planning an active vacation means you’re looking for an extra measure of physical activity. Instead of only going to the beach, for example, you might choose a hotel that offers tennis lessons, fishing excursions, and shuttles to a nearby water park.

For a trip to a big city, an active trip could include walking tours, visits to museums and zoos, ice skating or inline skating in a local park, then ending each day with a dip in the hotel pool. Then there are full-fledged adventure vacations that focus on whitewater rafting, downhill skiing, scuba diving, or mountain biking.

Camping is another popular choice and can be affordable or extravagant, depending on where you go and how much camping gear you already own. The nation’s 388 national parks offer a wide range of activities, from nature walks to a program that awards your child the distinction of being a Junior Ranger.

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