Everyone knows that exercise is essential to nourish our bodies. But did you know that what the benefits of exercise for our brain ..? to exercise at least 10 minutes every day, will make us more mentally healthy, clear mind, less stress and ultimately lead to a happy feeling. Here are some benefits of exercise for our brains.

1. Can increase the brain’s ability
Oralhraga physical exercise regularly, can improve concentration, creativity, and mental health. Because exercise can increase the amount of oxygen in the blood and accelerate the flow of blood to the brain. Experts believe that these things can boost physical and mental reactions better.

2. Can help delay the aging process
Research shows that a simple exercise like walking regularly can help reduce mental decline in women over 65 years. The more frequent and longer they do it so slow mental decline. benefits of these activities after nine weeks to do on a regular basis three times a week. This exercise is not to be done in a high intensity. Quite a walk around the house.

3. Can reduce stress
Exercise can reduce anxiety. Even further, can help you control your anger. Aerobic exercise can improve the ability of the heart and make you more quickly to cope with stress. The best way to reduce stress is to do activities such as walking, swimming, cycling, and running.

4. Can increase endurance
If you like doing exercise with ease at the time to do it, then that activity can improve both hormones in the brain such as adrenaline, serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. These hormones play a role in increasing endurance. Study conducted in England showed that 83 percent of people who have mental ganguan rely on exercise to improve mood and reduce anxiety.

5. Can improve self-confidence
The more adept a person in a type of event, it will automatically self-confidence will increase. Even a research proves that teens who actively exercise feel more confident than his friends who do not do sports activities.

With these circumstances it is, we live hiasilah with sports activities, the sport we will get a health and fitness and exercise our brains are useful for producing stress reduction and increased self-confidence. Hopefully useful.

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