Food Safety and Flavor

Refrigerator shelves offer the most uniform temperature, but air can’t circulate if you overload them. Don’t store perishables on the doors, and always keep eggs in their original carton and on a shelf.

If your fridge has special compartments for meat and cheese and crispers for produce, use them; they are designed to provide more targeted controls. Veggies need more humidity, and fruits need less; some crisper compartments can be set to exactly what your foods require.

As for raw meat, keep it away from luncheon or deli meats and cheese. Place any raw meat, poultry, and seafood in a sealed container or a zip-closure plastic baggie to prevent the juices from contaminating other foods. If you freeze meat and poultry in original wrappings, double-wrap it with foil or another freezer wrap to avoid freezer burn on the frozen meat.

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