Yoga Protocols

Yoga Protocols

Common Yoga Protocols Common Yoga Protocol English Full Version Common Yoga Protocol Hindi Full Version Asana of the Day – Vakrasana Asana of the Day – Trikonasana Asana of the Day – Kapalbhati Common Yoga Protocol Common Yoga Protocol Common Yoga...

Help Your Parents Get Healthy

You’re not the only one. We did a survey of kids and 46% said they worry about their parents’ health. And 69% of kids would like their parents to make changes to be healthier. Maybe your mom and dad would be surprised to learn that you are concerned about them. Here’s...

Food and Fitness

Eating healthy foods and being physically active can make all kids feel better about their bodies. Why? Because eating a healthy diet will help you feel energized and keeps your body working just the way it should. Watching TV and playing computer games can be fun,...

The Health Audit

Health authorities recommend that we get the right balance of foods and exercise daily. There are many different formats of ‘healthy eating guidelines’. We have tried to incorporate all of these into an easy to follow a checklist, called ‘the Health Audit’, which you...

How to be Healthy?

What You Can Do to Stay Healthy and Fit. You may have noticed a lot of talks lately that a growing number of kids are overweight.  A person who is overweight has more body fat than is healthy. Being overweight can make it harder to get around and can lead to health...
Covid-19 Info - Click Here Stay home be Fit till the time corona is on top list Fit India Mission doesn't charge any money in issuing the Fit India certificate, please be aware of the fraudulent scams

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