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Hon’ble Prime Minister has launched the FIT INDIA Movement on 29th August 2019 With a view to make physical fitness a way of life. FIT INDIA Movement aims at behavioural changes – from sedentary lifestyle to physically active way of day-to—day living. FIT INDIA would be a success only when it becomes a people’s movement. We have to play the role of a catalyst.

You would agree that ‘How to Live’ ought to be the first pillar of formal education. This involves teaching and practicing the art of taking care of one’s body and health every day. Therefore, schools have to be the first formal institution after home where physical fitness is taught and practiced.

In the above background, the Fit India Mission has prepared a system of FIT INDIA SCHOOL Certification with simple and easy parameters as below:

The following parameters would apply:

  1. Having one teacher trained in PE, and such teacher is physically fit and active.
  2. Having a playground Where two or more outdoor games are played.
  3. Having one PE period each day for every section and physical activities (sports, dance, games, yogasan, PT) take place in the PE period.
  4. Having all students spending 60 minutes or more on physical activities daily.

The following additional parameters would apply for claiming a 3 Star certification:

  1. All teacher to be spending 60 minutes or more every day for physical activities.
  2. School has at least two teachers (Including one PET), each trained or well versed with any two sports
  3. School has celebrated Fit India School week.
  4. Having Sports facilities for 4 sports including the 2 outdoor sports.
  5. Every student learns and plays 2 sports – one of which could be a traditional/indigenous/local game.

The following additional parameters (over and above 3 Star certification) would apply for claiming the highest certification:

  1. School conducts quarterly intra-school sports competitions, participates in inter-school sports competition and celebrates Annual Sports Day.
  2. All teachers are trained in PE.
  3. School has 2 or more sports coaches. These may be PE teachers.
  4. School follows structured PE curriculum prescribed by NCERT/CBSE/SCERT.
  5. School conducts annual fitness assessment of all children.
  6. School opens its playground(s) before/after school hours for neighbouring communities/parents, and the same is actively used. Reasonable fee can be levied for maintenance and security.
  1. Basic FIT INDIA SCHOOL would be self certified and registered online at by the School. Upon registration, a certificate would be issued online to the School, and on receipt of such certificate the School would be entitled to use Fit India Logo and Fit India Flag.
  2. For FIT INDIA 3 Star or 5 Star certification the school would have to file its claim online at The Fit India Mission would get the claim verified and thereafter issue an online certificate and commendation letter. The same would be followed in print and dispatched through postal mail.

FIT INDIA is going to be included in the Prime Minister’s Award. I request you to make FIT INDIA a successful people’s movement by providing your leadership for the following:

  1. Apprising all schools, public as well as private, in your State of the above and encouraging them to seek Fit India Ranking.
  2. To honour Fit India 3 Star and 5 Star Schools by organising appropriate function in the State Head-Quarters. Fit India 5 Star Schools could be felicitated at State level Republic Day and Independence Day functions
  3. Nominate a senior officer as a State Nodal Officer for Fit India in your department and intimate to us; and
  4. Organise Fit India events at schools from time to time. You may encourage schools to use their creativity in designing and organising Fit India events.

For information, contact:

Contact Person
Rohit Khanna
CEO Fit India Mission
Ekta Vishnoi
Mission Director Fit India
Any query may be sent to contact[dot]fitindia[at]gmail[dot]com
I have read and understood the concept of Fit India School Certification guidelines. I agree to follow the guidelines of Fit India School Certification