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Expression of Interest to Become a Partner

Join us in making India a Fit, Healthy and Happy India. If you are interested in organising a Fit India event or contribute in any way, get in touch with us.

Hon’ble Prime Minister has launched the Fit India Movement on 29th of August 2019 to promote Fitness amongst all. While Fitness involves all aspects of life, the Fit India Movement focuses on physical fitness of all to start with. Fit India is not a government program. Government’s role is of a catalyst to involve all citizens to promote Fitness as a people’s movement.

Fit India aims at promoting physical fitness of all by inculcating a habit of fitness in all citizens. Physical fitness can be achieved by developing a habit of spending 45 to 60 minutes daily for physical activities viz. sports, walking, cycling, dancing, yogasan or any other form of physical activity.

MoYS has set up a Fit India Mission Office at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi in partnership with CII. Fit India Mission solicits partnerships for promoting Fit India Movement from interested organisations.

Any registered organisation (including for profit organisation) under any relevant law:

  1. a) Active in the field of Fitness; or
  2. b) Willing to promote Fitness through its goods and services; or
  3. c) Demonstrates or has demonstrated its intent to promote Fitness among its customers/clients/dealers/business partners.
  4. d) Makes a commitment with delineated targets, modes and approach to promote Fit India.

Eligible organisations may register their intent of becoming a Fit India Partner on the website of Fit India Mission or you can directly send your proposal on partnership[dot]fitindia[at]gmail[dot]com

The Fit India Mission Office would examine all the proposals received online on the above web portal on regular basis, and solicit further information and have one to one meeting, if required.

Upon mutual agreement between the Fit India Mission Office and the applicant Organisation with regard to desirability and well defined commitments for Fit India is reached, the Fit India Mission Office would issue a letter to the applicant organisation conveying its acceptance as a Fit India Partner.

On becoming a Fit India Partner, the partner Organisation could use the Fit India Logo and mention itself as Fit India Partner.

Fit India logo guidelines will be provided to successful partners.

All Fit India Partners would have to adhere to the following ethical guidelines to continue as a Fit India Partner:

Negative List:
  1. 1. No shaming of body, culture, food, religious practice or race, etc.
  2. 2. No product to be marked as essential Fit India Product.
  3. 3. No food to be promoted as a Fitness or Fit India food or supplement.
  4. Positive List:
  5. 1. Fitness is Easy, eg physical activity and exercise can be done easily at any place at any time and anywhere.
  6. 2. Fitness is Fun, eg sports, dancing, playing, walking, cycling, and spending time with family for outdoor activities, etc.
  7. 3. Fitness is Free, eg no compulsion to have any equipment or joining the club or facility. SAMPLE AGREEMENT